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inventory of distressed riding friends N tricks 1. first of all, make up a sad story is a common saying: from XX to Trinidad riding to XX, but in the way they place money stolen for a few dollars for dinner. (crooks are love to use "Trinidad riding" of the word, because it is awesome because easy?) there are posing as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of the friends of riding, this is really let a person consider through liar's state of mind, is to make yourself seem more believa Retro jordans for sale ble?? For example, the figure, claiming to be the victim in this taiwanese...... Supplement: it is said that the figure is stick a riders shot put satire those fake riding friends, welcome to the riders with the editor),(photo: washchen riders)2. to pass the driver for money common in the busy intersection, the driver stopped at a red light, a friend dressed up, to give a sign of the shuttle in the middle of the road, begging for alms to the drivers. this way was hit by the cheap jordans for sale car risk is higher, but the hit rate is also high. The driver even if they have doubts, also for the sake of peace of mind or let the other party to leave as soon as possible and give a little money. Although the false riding friends are often driven, but like the flies do not go, often over a period of time and appear in the intersection. , a car to the shuttle in the highway freight car to beg, almost death (photo: riders Li Jiahui)in the traffic light intersection, such a Retro jordans for sale s men and women team knocked on the window for money, very common (photo: riders Li Jiahui) worthy of special mention is that provides more than two photos of beautiful ride Wangcheyou Li Jiahui, recently has been twice met false friends riding begging, visible at the end of false friends riding cheating is rampant! 3. give a sign, directly to passers-by for money common in schools, as well as the intersection and so on. This way a little bit directly, the cheater skin must cheap jordan shoes for men be thick, must have the mouth to speak, the good students, lovers, the old man was to have a higher chance of money. 4. on the ground to write or give the brand, passive and others alms generally appear in the large flow of urban areas, from the subway or bus station near the. This type of fraud is usually buried in a party, first find a side of the road space with small stones or chalk to write on "begging copywriting, or written in marker pen and moisture-proof pad, or is Cheap air jordans for sale to find a cardboard write a few words" for a few pieces of money to eat "words, and then to sit on the ground, his head buried into the knee nest, silent just waiting for the money to. this way is relatively passive, although not offensive "strong for strong will, but also a little less money relative to income. and more loss of deception: posing as a well-known friends of the ride, matter of factly commitment to the well intentioned people later will pay back the money, an cheap jordans online d provide the riding friends contact information. This not only scammers to succeed, but also hurt the innocent real riding friends. 5. flow con, shot for a local it is observed that those who are squatting on the groundlucky gamer exclusive in honor of LeBron James become 2K Game annual game masterpiece [NBA 2K14] cover characters, Nike specially created this mysterious 2K14 do not note version recently unveiled mystery. The deep red main color, the vamp Swoosh represents cheap foamposites the gold of the crown, and the vamp of the feline pattern enhances the visual impact of the shoes on the contours of the LeBron 11 avant garde. It is reported that Nike will be released this weekend, the first to complete the challenge of lucky players, that lucky guy will be you? 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