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by Milana Bozicic

Cruising as a team building - we did it and you should try it too

If you’re considering a team building event, you may be asking yourself this question - why is it so important, and why (especially IT) businesses decide to take their crew on a trip for a few days?

According to widely familiar and popular definitions, team building brings people together by encouraging teamwork. So, our CEOs decided to take us on a fancy three-day cruise, and guess what - they announced that only two weeks in advance, and we were counting every minute until that day (look at the photo below).



When that day came, we were super excited - not just because we were going somewhere together for three days for the first time, but when we just thought about the seaside, a yacht and beautiful nature - well, it’s not strange that we couldn’t sleep for days because of excitement.

When we arrived, the night was still young, so we decided to hang out together and to wait for Saturday - the day when the yacht is ours!


When the day of the yacht came - #justtakeiteasy crew nailed it!

Before we embarked, we enjoyed nature and the beautiful view we had near the seaside. 



Time was flying and the yacht came - wow! The ride lasted for 2,5 hours, and during that period, some of us decided to jump into the water (the water temperature was 8°C, but if you decide to go in August, the temperature is around 12°C), to sunbathe, and some of us helped the yacht captains - yeah, we were on four small yachts and we felt like movie stars. 





The most powerful team building is the one where you are all together

As we can see - it does not matter where we are traveling, whether we are going to spend our time on a fancy yacht at the seaside or go rafting on the Tara river. 

This team building is our first one in 10 years (the first one that lasted for 3 days) - can you imagine that for an IT company?! Ooohhh yes, and we made a promise to ourselves - this will be a tradition and we will probably visit this camp again in the years to come.


It’s not a coincidence that our flag stayed there to wait for us!