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/ Life @ IT Engine
by Milana Bozicic

If you’ve never attended a team building, then you are not working in an IT company

Have you ever heard about an IT company that has never been on a team building? Neither have we. 


Scrolling through social media, you can notice that developers have an amazing time on mountains or even seasides, bowling, paintball, rafting, or they just organize a barbecue and enjoy, well - however they want.


If you don’t post it - it didn't happen

Those photo albums on Facebook or Instagram are a must, because, as you already know - if you don’t post it, it didn’t happen. For example, our company has existed for 10 years and we were not so active on social media. 


When it comes to team building (because that’s the topic here, right), we have to tell you our secret - we went yachting for three days, but we never posted about it. 


Yachting as a team building? You gotta be kidding me!

Our CEOs decided to take us on a fancy three-day yacht and guess what - they announced it only two weeks in advance, and we were counting every minute until that day.


It’s not strange that we couldn’t sleep for days because of excitement. As it’s not so common to go yachting, we required our CEOs not to post about it on social networks. Well, there’s no “CEO” in “team building”, so they agreed. 


We had an incredible time, and now, more than two weeks after yachting, we still can’t stop talking about it and we decided to share some photos. Hope that you are ready for such a perfect view and the fancy yacht we were riding on.

Please, don’t be jealous.





Yachting or rafting? It doesn’t matter when we are together

It doesn't matter where we travel, whether we spend our time on a fancy yacht or go rafting on the Tara river. 


And - we decided that we will post more about our way of life. We just feel that the right time is now. 


Like we have a feeling that the most important thing is when you are with your teammates, no matter what the destination is. 


Because someone very smart once said: Teamwork means never having to take all the blame yourself.