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Grace Organic has a goal to manage food waste and to cut down global emissions and expenses by measuring the amount of waste being produced in their kitchens. We created a unique product portfolio that assists in the process of reducing food waste in many different ways and industries.

What we did?

We created four applications that help users prevent food waste. “Xamarin” application is connected to a scale that measures food waste, in order for clients to see the amount of food that’s being wasted.

“Feedbacker” helps companies explore the level of satisfaction of customers with its service.

“Food Waste Index” has the purpose to become a ”market place” to find information, upload information, monitor the status for different business owners within the food industry.

“Plate Waste Display”, that shows the amount of food being wasted on a big display and compares it to the amount of money that could have been saved. We also created a back office application that organizes customers and scales.